[Download] Best Alternative To Samsung Adapt Sound Feature

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Are you searching for the app that provides you with the best-customized sound according to your comfort at hearing? Here, you will find one of the best alternatives to Samsung’s built-in system app known as Adapt sound.

If you are an Android user other than Samsung, then unfortunately you cannot use the adapt sound feature. But still, you can get similar features like adapt sound on Samsung on any other Android smartphone.

Samsung Adapt Sound Alternatives

Other Android users can get customized sounds with the help of an app called Neutralizer. This app is available on the play store with 100K+ downloads soo far.


About Neutralizer App

Neutralizer refers to an equalizer app that allows making adjustments and customization to create your own customized sound.

Neutralizer is an app that provides user-friendly interface and allows users to customize the sounds according to their needs and comfort. Everybody has their own level of hearing at which they can easily hear and understand the sound without being disturbed in their comfort zone.

Once you made a customize sound on the Neutralizer app, then you can check it on your device to test whether the adjustments made by you are working perfectly on your device.

On top of that, It provides a self-explanatory interface.


About Equalizer and Bass Booster

Equalizer and Bass Boster is composed of three components a five-band equalizer, ten equalizers presets, and bass booster. Apart from this, It provides a wide range of compatibility that includes most of the video players, music players, and FM radio.

You can utilize this app on most of the android devices. This is one of the best and easy-to-use equalizer app. With its simpler interface, you can easily understand its different components along with the features it holds to make customized sounds.


About SoundID

If you want unique features from a third-party equalizer app, then try out SoundID. It’s available free for you. You can get it on your device and make a lot of customizations and adjustments according to your will.

On top of that, It is compatible with most of the local music players and popular streaming. If you are on the headphones connected with your device, using this app will provide you with a different experience.

This app allows you to do a lot of adjustments to help you reach your desired comfort level and satisfaction point.



If your device does not have a native equalizer app or if it has but still some of the popular apps such as youtube music and other Bluetooth companion apps. These apps automatically adjust the EQ by avoiding the native equalizer app available on your android device and as a result, you don’t get an opportunity to adjust the EQ by yourself.

In that particular case, you do have an alternative option. There are so many best alternatives equalizer available that will provide you with quality sounds. You can make your own customized sound with a lot of customizations and adjustments accordingly.

The best part is that you can fully utilize these apps to get the best-customized sounds that can enhance your comfort level of hearing.

Samsung Adapt Sound Alternatives

  • Neutralizer App
  • Equalizer and Bass Booster
  • SoundID

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