How To Fix This Error “Your IMEI Number & Device Don’t Match” (Guide)

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If you are a victim of this error and want to find a way out to resolve this, a little bit of your time spend on this guide might help you to fix this. Follow this guide to the end and you might get the proper solution to resolve this.

The most irritating moment for an Android user appear in a situation like that, when you are left behind with no option at the moment to cope with this kind of error instantly. Well, this is the type of error that occurs rarely, therefore fixing it might be a bit complicated.

We will talk about how to fix this issue later. First of all, you should know about about the importance of IMEI code.


What is IMEI Code and What is It’s Purpose?

In simple words, the verification of cellphones can only be possible against its IMEI serial code.

IMEI refers to “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. This figure is composed of unique numbers and every cellphone holds a unique identity on the basis of IMEI code. Just like when you purchase a smartphone at the shop and to check it’s identity you type the IMEI code of that phone online on an authorized website.

In return, the website provides you the information about your particular phone registered against that IMEI code. On the top of that, the main purpose of IMEI is to authenticate the real owner of that cellphone who have bought it against his identity.

If somehow, the phone got stolen, then the owner has the option to contact the manufacturer support team to block that phone registered against that particular IMEI code. Hence, that phone get its way to blacklist and can no longer use any network.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing a Second Phone:

First of all, always try to purchase a new phone from authorized dealer as this is the most authentic way where is there is no risk involved in it. If somehow, your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a new phone, then purchasing a second hand phone is only the option left.

You should always approach for verification of your cellphone whether it a brand new or second hand phone. You should take it a compulsory step to type the IMEI code your smartphone onto this website. If it is a valid smartphone, then it will list all the information regarding your smartphone.

Before going to buy a second hand phone, you should stay sharp and locate the authentic dealer out there in the market. Ask him to provide you with the information and proof of the first owner of this particular cellphone that you are purchasing. In case of any issue such as stolen or blacklisted, so you might have the proof of your innocence.

At the end of a deal, you should also get and keep the buying receipt with you as a proof to avoid future discrepancies by claiming your innocence.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Confliction Of IMEI Code and Phone?

There could be several reasons but the most common among them are as follow:

  • Refurbished Phones
  • Second Hand Devices

There are more chances of getting this IMEI error on refurbished or second hand smartphones because the small companies often collect the different hardware components that works from broken cellphones. After that, they make a totally new cellphone assembled with those hardware pieces of a broken phone and named them it as refurbished phones.

Therefore (In case of refurbished phones) there is a high chance that the IMEI code couldn’t match with the Device. Because the original information about that particular smartphone that can be accessed by the cellular network is mismatched, due to assembling by different types of hardware components results in cause of this mismatch.

As far as the second hand smartphone is concerned, you should read this.

How To Fix This Error “Your IMEI Number & Device Don’t Match”?

First of all, if you want to fix this issue by avoiding the technical and involvement of third-party apps, you should return this cellphone from where you have bought it and claim the refund. (This option is for second hand and refurbished smartphone user’s).

If you have bought a new cellphone, and unluckily you got this error somehow, then contact the support center of the manufacturer. Inform them about the issue you are facing regarding IMEI and request him to resolve that issue for you.

Undoubtedly, the company is responsible for that, in case if you are facing this issue by purchasing a brand new smartphone from official outlet. They will cooperate with you and will not let you left alone in that situation.

They will further handle this issue at their end and will always be ready for the situation to provide you with the new phone. (So you don’t need to worry dealing with the manufacturer in that IMEI mismatch case regarding brand new phone).

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