How To Change Refresh Rate on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G? (Guide)

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Want to learn about the display refresh rate? How To change the display refresh rate? Why to change the display refresh rate? All these queries are answered in this guide.

Samsung is a well-known smartphone brand and the Galaxy S series is considered to be its top-notch flagship series with a unique design holding the latest features. When it comes to smartphone displays, Samsung is still undefeated.

Now, the display comes in two types of refresh rates such as standard and high. Moreover, you can switch between them anytime whenever you want by going to display settings.

How To Change Display Refresh Rate on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G?

  • Open the “Settings” on your phone.
  • In settings, scroll down to “Display” and tap on it.
  • Next, locate and tap on the “Motion Smoothness” option.
  • Now, you will find two types of options “High” and “Standard”. Select one of these options as per your requirement.

High refresh rate refers to 120 Hz and Standard refresh rate refers to 60 Hz. Both of these options have half a difference.

High Display Refresh Rate

A high display refresh rate provides a smoother visual experience. Therefore, if you want to utilize your phone display at a smoother run, then you will need to switch to a High refresh rate.

It is recommended at the time of playing games to get better display results enhancing the gaming experience with outstanding smoothness. Moreover, it also provides scrolling with a 120 Hz screen refresh rate.

A high refresh rate is not recommended in the long run. If you want a long-lasting battery life for your phone, then avoid applying this option.

Standard Display Refresh Rate

By default, the display settings run on the standard refresh rate. If you want a moderate display setting that might not result heavily on phone hardware resources such as battery power, then sticking to a standard refresh rate is recommended.

The standard refresh rate adapts balanced settings for a longer run. Moreover, you can get a much longer battery life by adapting to standard display settings.

Therefore, If longer battery life is your priority, then standard display settings are recommended for you.

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