Error “ICCID is Not Found on Expanded Data Network” (Fixed)

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A lot of users have reported experiencing this error when they want to upgrade their services to an expanded data network or switch from an old 3G cellphone to a new 4G/5G phone with an old sim card. We tried to solve this issue and hardly come up with a fix that could help you in this regard. Try this fix!

This error is most commonly experienced with Boost Mobile service providers. Boost mobile services functions depending on your cellphone compatibility. If you are using an old 3G phone, then you won’t be able to upgrade to Boost Mobile’s expanded data network that offers faster 4G/5G services at the best affordable prices.

How To Fix “ICCID is Not Found on Expanded Data Network”?

What is an Expanded Data Network?

Expanded Data Network refers to upgraded services offered by the mobile service provider like Boost for customers. While using the expanded data network, you can enjoy the faster speed with a 4G/5G network with more coverage nationwide.

To avail the expanded data network services, your devices should fulfill the eligibility criteria at first set by the mobile service provider.

How To Check If The Boost Sim Card Functions on Expanded Data Network?

To check whether your sim card offers Boost Mobile expanded data network, It can be referred to below:

  • If you are on an old 3G Nation Wide network, then It will open the Nationwide Network Coverage Map.
  • But if you are on a faster 4G/5G network, then It will open the Expanded Data Network Coverage Map.

Many users try to switch from a Verizon service provider to Boost mobile service with an older sim card that is linked with Verizon. Therefore, It won’t work for you. You will need to buy a boost mobile sim card kit.


What is The Eligibility Criteria To Use Boost Mobile Expanded Data Network

To use the Boost mobile expanded data network, you need to have look at this below:

  • Cellphones should be compatible with supporting 4G/5G networks. Older cellphones with 3G won’t work on Boost Mobile’s expanded data network.
  • If you are already using Boost mobile sim card on your older 3G phone, and then switching to a new 4G/5G enabled cellphone with that sim card won’t work to avail the expanded data network services.
  • You need to buy a new sim kit to use the expanded data network on your phone offered by Boost Mobile.

How To Fix “ICCID is Not Found on Expanded Data Network”?

Most of the user’s also witness that the sim card offered by Boost Mobile won’t work on an unlocked device. Therefore, to avoid all these kinds of issues with Boost Mobile, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Go to Boost Mobile’s official site.
  • Place an online order for “Bring your Own Phone Sim card Activation Kit”

To activate the sim, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Make sure to insert the new sim provided by the Boost Mobile Network Provider.

Step 2: Once, you insert the sim, now you can activate the sim card.

Step 3: To do so, follow the activation instructions that are present on the packing slip which is located under the shipping label on the box.

Once, you are done activating your sim, now you are all set to use Boost Mobile expanded data network services.

If somehow, the issue related to ICCID still persists, then you can approach the help center of Boost Mobile and provide them with the exact ICCID that is located on your sim card kit provided by the Boost Mobile.

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