Pixel 6 Charging Issue: Not Charging With OnePlus Charger

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Is your Pixel 6 not charging with other branded chargers? If yes, no need to worry as it is a common problem with Pixel phones, they don’t allow most of the other third-party chargers for charging. If you are going through such circumstances, then you need to go for some quality chargers.

How To Fix Pixel 6 Not Charging With OnePlus Charger?

There can be numerous reasons, your Pixel 6 is not consuming the charge via other third-party chargers. Some of them are as follows:

  • USB-A To USB-C cable might be causing the issue
  • Adapter incompatibility issue
  • Low-quality chargers
  • Low-quality cables

Now, it’s a trend that every smartphone of any brand missing the official charger in its box. The point here is if there is no official charger in the box, then why so limitations and lack of flexibility? Why the Pixel 6 phone is not accepting to consume charging from other third-party chargers such as OnePlus?

If there were complications regarding compatibility, then they shouldn’t be kicking out the charger from the box. Apart from this, some users have managed to charge their Pixel 6 with a OnePlus charger and it worked for them. You can do the same by following the below fixes:


Use the OnePlus 8 Series or Later Charger

You need to opt for the Oneplus charger that comes with the Oneplus 8 series or later. Hence, you need to try out either the Oneplus 8 series charger or later.

Additionally, you can use the OnePlus warp charge 30W power adapter or if you want even more fast charging, then the Oneplus warp charge 65W power adapter is the best to use. Many users have claimed that they are using these chargers for charging their Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and they are working perfectly fine for them.

Soft Reset your Pixel 6 Before Charging

Before putting your Pixel 6 on a charge with the OnePlus charger, try to soft reset your smartphone. That’s the best thing you need to do while adopting third-party chargers like the Oneplus charger for your Pixel 6 phone.

Soft Reset Pixel 6: Press and hold the “Power” button until the power options menu appears on the screen. After that, select the “Power OFF” option. Once, the phone gets OFF completely, now wait for several minutes (1-3) and again press the “Power” button to turn it back ON.

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Having charging issues with your Pixel 6, then try to change the older charger with the latest quality chargers. In case, you want to charge your Pixel 6 with the Oneplus charger, then use the Oneplus 8 series or above charger.

You need to try the latest Oneplus charger to eliminate the charging issue on your Pixel 6.

  • Use the OnePlus 8 Series or Later Charger
  • Use the OnePlus warp charge 30W power adapter
  • Use the OnePlus warp charge 65W power adapter
  • Soft Reset your Pixel 6 Before Charging

Following the above fixes will definitely resolve the charging issue in your Pixel 6.

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