How To Fix Speech Services By Google Download Stuck at a Point – (Solutions)

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If you are experiencing an issue regarding the Speech Services apps by Google, then follow this guide and implement all the steps to avoid the unexpected interruptions.

The most common problem that many Android user’s have reported so far regarding the Speed Services app is it automatically comes up with a notification that displays “Downloading updates for English or any other languages on Speech Services by Google”.

Therefore neither the download completes and stuck at a point despite of being connected to a WiFi network or mobile network nor the notification can be closed.

So, if you have also come across such an issue, then following this comprehensive guide might help you out of this in a while. We have covered an easy solutions to this issue.


Try To Manually Update Language on Google App

If the downloading is being stuck at a point, then head over to the steps below to manually update the language:

Step 1: Let’s launch the Google App, tap on the more button at the bottom and new window will appear with a multiple options where you need to tap on the “Settings”.

Step 2: Moreover, tap on the “Voice -> Offline Speech Recognition” and then select the “Auto-Update” tab.

Step 3: In Auto-Update tab, you will see multiple options where you need to select the “Auto-update languages at any time” option. Make sure, that you are connected to a WiFi network or mobile network.

Step 4: Now, get back to the “installed” tab and here find out the language that is failing to update. Tap on that language and then tap on the “Update” button.

Step 5: Once, the language got updated successfully, now restart your phone.

That’s how, you can avoid Speech Service by Google apps from keeps downloading.

I hope it should work for you, if not in case, then you might head over to the below method.

Try To Clear The Cache Memory for Speech Services by Google

This method of clearing the cache worked out to resolve most of the problems that occurs by the apps. Therefore you should clear the cache of Speech Service by Google by following the below steps:

Step 1: Go to “Settings -> Apps” and then tap on “Show all App” option.

Step 2: Now search and locate “Speech Services by Google” and tap on it.

Step 3: This time tap the “Storage -> Cache”.

Step 4: Finally, you will see a clear cache button at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it and confirm with “Yes” to clear the cache.

If still the problem persists, then go ahead un-install and then re-install the Speech Service by Google.

Disable Notifications For Speech Services By Google – The Easy Way To Avoid This Issue

To avoid the Speech Services by Google notifications, you can simply disable it by following the below steps:

Step 1: head over to “Settings-> Apps” and then simply tap on “Show all apps”.

Step 2: After that, tap on the “Speech Services by Google app”.

Step 3: Now, you will see multiple options ahead where you need to select the “Notification” option.

Step 4: Once, you tap on “Notifications”, then turn OFF the option “Show Notifications”.

So now, when you have successfully turned OFF the notifications for Speech Services by Google app. From onward, you will not receive any king of notification that will disturb you.

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